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Carmel Fishers Cocaine Possession Defense

Legal representation and defense are important in any kind of drug-related offense, and Indiana cocaine possession is no different. The penalties for cocaine possession vary depending on how much of the drug you have, as well as if any “enhancing circumstances” exist. If you have been charged in Hamilton County or the surrounding areas, a Carmel Fishers cocaine possession defense attorney at Camden & Meridew, P.C. can help.

How Can Your Carmel Fishers Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney Help?

Let’s jump right in. If this is your first criminal offense, the entire legal system is going to be new to you. As such, one of your first questions might be, “What does an Indiana cocaine possession defense attorney do to help?”

Keep reading to learn more about what penalties you could be facing and why you need to hire a skilled and reputable Indianapolis cocaine possession defense attorney to represent you. With so much at stake, there’s no reason to leave your future to chance.

Dealing with the Drama of Indiana Cocaine Charges

In many cases, your Carmel Fishers cocaine possession defense attorney’s first job is to represent you during police questioning. This is to ensure that you don’t accidentally incriminate yourself. Remember, you’re presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and unfortunately, without legal representation at the time of questioning, law enforcement could get you to say something that works against you.

Think of your favorite law and crime television series as an example of how quickly an admission like this happens. Though dramatized, shows like this highlight the tactics law enforcement officers may use during an interrogation. Your lawyer will be there to advise and protect you as you are being questioned.

Once you are scheduled for a hearing—and if you are released on bond—you will have to go to court to have the charges against you read. During this hearing, the judge will determine if law enforcement had probable cause to arrest you, as well as if there is sufficient evidence to support the charges against you. This is a key element in any cocaine possession case and it’s one of the big reasons why you should hire an experienced lawyer.

As the defendant, it’s not up to you or your defense team to shoulder the burden of proof. That is up to the prosecution. As such, they need to prove that you were in legal possession of the cocaine and that you had the intent to possess it. If they cannot prove this or have insufficient evidence, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to negotiate a dismissal or reduction of your charges so you face lesser penalties.

A Carmel Fishers Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney Explains the Charges

In addition to representing you during police questioning and in court, your lawyer can also help you understand the charges against you and what penalties you could be facing.

Under Indiana Code § 35-48-4-6, anyone who knowingly possesses cocaine faces a Level 6 felony. Felonies are graded based on their severity, with a Level 6 carrying a minimum of six months in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.

Though a Level 6 felony has the lowest penalties, the consequences are still serious, and your charge could be elevated to a higher level under some circumstances.

The other felony levels and penalties that may apply in Indiana cocaine possession cases include the following:

  • Level 5: up to 6 years in prison;
  • Level 4: up to 12 years in prison; and
  • Level 3: up to 16 years in prison.

In addition to mandatory prison time, you will also be facing fines and, possibly, the loss of employment and/or school enrollment status. You could also lose your existing child custody rights. With so much at stake, you need a solid defense strategy that can help you beat your cocaine possession charges.

Hire an Indianapolis Cocaine Possession Defense Lawyer to Defend Your Legal Rights and Freedom

Though the state of Indiana takes cocaine possession seriously, it doesn’t mean you’re not without options. Depending on the details of your case, your Carmel Fishers cocaine possession defense lawyer may be able to argue in favor of drug court as an alternative to going to jail.

This option is usually available to first-time offenders and, if granted, can help you keep your job and/or college enrollment status. In some cases, successful completion of a drug treatment program may result in the total dismissal of your drug charges. Your lawyer will be able to explain the benefits of these county-based drug programs, as well as whether or not you are likely to qualify for enrollment.

This is just one of the ways your criminal defense lawyer can help advocate for your rights and freedom when you are facing cocaine possession charges. As mentioned above, it’s up to the prosecuting attorney to shoulder the burden of proof. Your criminal defense lawyer will work tirelessly to investigate every detail of your case, including whether or not law enforcement had probable cause and sufficient evidence. For example, your lawyer may be able to craft a defense that proves you did not know about being in the presence of cocaine, even if it was in your possession.

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