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Indiana Construction Law Attorneys

An image of a construction blueprint, representing the need for the experienced Indiana construction law attorneys of Camden & Meridew when you are harmed by construction defects, contract disputes, or fraud.

Construction disputes, defects, and damages result in undue stress and excessive expense. Whether these issues are related to your home or a commercial property, the impacts of construction problems on daily life are significant. When another party or parties are at fault for construction damages in Indiana or for defects or delays, the experienced Indiana construction law attorneys of Camden & Meridew, P.C. can help get your project, and your life, back on track.

How the Indiana Construction Law Attorneys of Camden & Meridew Can Help

Whether you need an attorney for contract disputes or construction defect claims, Corey Meridew and the team at Camden & Meridew, P.C. will vigorously fight for your right to receive compensation for construction damages in Indiana. The firm provides legal counsel and representation to businesses and residents in construction law areas like these:

  • Contract disputes;
  • Construction defect claims;
  • Defective home improvement; and
  • Delays and liquidated damages.

You Need an Experienced Attorney for Contract Disputes

Disagreements related to contracts can delay projects or create disputes related to liability for construction damages in Indiana. An attorney for contract disputes from Camden & Meridew can help when contract disputes arise related to the following issues and more:

  • The Indiana Home Improvement Contract Act (HICA);
  • Contract errors or omissions;
  • Noncompliance or failure to meet terms;
  • Scope of work disagreements;
  • Contractor and subcontractor issues;
  • Implied warranties;
  • Disputes related to plans or specifications;
  • Budget discrepancies and payment disputes;
  • Additional or unexpected costs or materials;
  • Contract revisions; and
  • Termination of contracts.

Construction Defect Claims in Indiana

Individuals and businesses negatively impacted by flaws in the construction of a property have a right to file construction defect claims. Potential reasons for legal action include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Foundation defects;
  • Structural defects;
  • Defects in workmanship;
  • Defects in materials;
  • Plumbing system problems;
  • Electrical issues;
  • Improper installation of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems;
  • Defects in roofing systems;
  • Mold that results from construction defects;
  • Errors that result in removal, replacement, or repair of materials or systems; and
  • Negligence on the part of contractors or suppliers.

Indiana Construction Law Attorneys for Defective Home Improvement Claims

Remodeling or otherwise upgrading your home is an exciting venture. However, defects in workmanship or materials can threaten your investment and create a precarious situation. An Indiana construction law firm, Camden & Meridew can help with legal matters related to problems like the following:

Addressing Delays and Liquidated Damages

Construction damages in Indiana can also include losses that result from delays in supply of materials or performance of work. Camden & Meridew handles legal issues related to delays and liquidated damages such as these:

  • Legal responsibility for general delays;
  • Legal responsibility for problems with site conditions;
  • Permitting problems;
  • Schedule delays or disputes;
  • Excusable versus inexcusable delays;
  • Supply delays;
  • Liquidated damages provisions or clauses in contracts;
  • Notice requirements; and
  • Contract termination, when necessary.

Contact the Indiana Construction Law Attorneys of Camden & Meridew

Don’t allow your future to hang in the balance due to negligence or faulty construction. Property owners are protected under the Indiana Home Improvement Contract Act, the Indiana Home Improvement Fraud Act, and other provisions of state and local law, but only if you pursue your rights. Contact Corey Meridew and the Indiana construction law attorneys of Camden & Meridew by calling 317-770-0000. Or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation.