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Your Central Indiana Real Estate Lawyer

Image of a businessperson signing a contract with a set of keys sitting on it, representing the need for an Indiana real estate lawyer when making residential or commercial real estate transactions or handling disputes.

Real estate transactions represent some of the largest investments most people ever make. This is true whether you’re buying a new home for your family or selling a commercial building or a large tract of land for the development of retail space. When you’re selling or buying residential or commercial property in Indiana, you can trust an Indiana real estate lawyer from Camden & Meridew, PC to help you maximize your investment and minimize risk. 

Why You Need an Indiana Real Estate Lawyer

Perhaps you are working with a real estate agent or broker and believe your real estate transaction is safe in that person’s hands. That may be the case. Keep in mind, though, that a realtor specializes in the process of buying and selling property, not in the law.

While a realtor might be familiar with some of the laws that apply to real estate transactions in Indiana, you cannot expect him or her to advise you as an experienced real estate attorney can. An experienced real estate lawyer can guide your steps in a way that avoids future legal trouble and protects your investment.

From Indiana Real Estate Contracts to Closing and More

A central Indiana real estate lawyer from Camden & Meridew can assist you in the following aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions:

  • Opening and managing an escrow account;
  • Negotiating real estate transactions;
  • Drafting and reviewing Indiana real estate purchase agreements and contracts;
  • Understanding and adhering to Indiana real estate disclosure laws and completing or reviewing the Indiana Sales Disclosure Form;
  • Researching and reviewing titles and deeds;
  • Resolving any title issues, such as unpaid taxes, tax liens, or insurance;
  • Reviewing mortgage terms and documentation;
  • Resolving zoning questions or problems and other land use matters;
  • Drafting and reviewing closing documents; and
  • Mediating closings.

A Central Indiana Real Estate Attorney for Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, even when best practices are followed, disputes can arise in real estate transactions. When any aspect of a residential or commercial Indiana real estate transaction or property matter comes into question under the law, it is wise to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney.

Issues that require the guidance or representation of a lawyer can include the following:

  • Disputes regarding earnest money when Indiana real estate purchase agreements are terminated;
  • Breach of Indiana real estate contracts;
  • Legal matters related to the Sales Disclosure Form and Indiana real estate disclosure laws;
  • Construction defects or contractor disputes;
  • Issues related to land use, including easements and rights-of-way;
  • Problems related to tax liens, mechanics liens, or other liens on a property;
  • Zoning disputes;
  • Problems with public and underground utilities;
  • Foreclosure or other mortgage issues;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Adverse possession;
  • Condemnation or eminent domain;
  • Lessee or tenant evictions or disputes; and
  • Partition of property.

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Whether your legal matter involves applying Indiana real estate disclosure laws to the purchase of your new home, negotiating Indiana real estate purchase agreements for large commercial transactions, or something in between, a central Indiana real estate lawyer from Camden & Meridew, PC is ready to help. Get in touch today by calling 317-770-0000 or completing our online contact form.