Social Media and The Law

In today’s modern era almost everyone has some form of a social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  While this form of technology has grown, so too has the law that encompasses it.  Many social media users may be surprised of how their accounts can be legally used […]

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Family Law – Insurance Credits and Child Support

Generally, the regulations regarding child support in Indiana derive from Indiana Code Title 31 – Family Law and Juvenile Law, Article 16 – Family Law: Support of Children and Other Dependents, as well as the Indiana Rules of Court: Child Support Rules and Guidelines. When calculating how much a parent […]

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The Average Wait Time On Social Security Claims

Social Security was implemented under President Roosevelt in 1935.  Millions of Americans pay into the social security system each year, which provides benefits to retirees, disabled persons, and the families of disabled, retired or deceased workers.  In fact in 2013, over 158 million Americans paid into the system, and 57 […]

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