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Securities Law Basics, Volume 2

Are you the victim of a fraud? Did your financial advisor, broker, or agent promise returns, but now he won’t call you back, or he keeps telling you he’ll have the money next week? What should you do? First, gather your records. Financial institutions do not keep records forever. In […]

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IRS Tax Credits for Schooling

If you, your spouse, or child is a student, you could qualify for the American Opportunity Tax Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit.  Even if you qualify for both credits, you can only claim one per student in a tax year. The American Opportunity Tax Credit can be taken for […]

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Landlord Duties in Indiana

The relationship between a landlord and the tenants is a balancing act between the rights and duties of the other. Generally, landlords in Indiana have several duties regarding the leased property, the rights of tenants, and compliance regulations, as well as, any other common law duties. First a landlord must […]

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Social Media and The Law

In today’s modern era almost everyone has some form of a social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  While this form of technology has grown, so too has the law that encompasses it.  Many social media users may be surprised of how their accounts can be legally used […]

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