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Family Law – Child Support

Actions for Child Support

  1. Each petition in a child support action must be verified and captioned as “In Re the support of ________.” [1]
  2. Each petition must state the relationship and present residence of the parties, as well as the name and addresses of each child under 19 years of age, and/or each incapacitated child of the marriage, along with the relief sought.[2]


Child Support Orders in General

  1. There are several relevant factors regarding the amount of child support either parent may need to pay. These factors include:
    • Financial resources of the custodial parent;
    • The standard of living the child would have continued enjoying;
    • The child’s educational needs;
    • The child’s physical and mental condition; and
    • The financial resources of the noncustodial parent.[3]
  2. Generally, child support orders can be modified if there has been a substantial and continual change in circumstances so as to make the child support order terms unreasonable.[4]
  3. This link provides for the Indiana Rules of Court for Child Support Rules and Guidelines, which was adopted in 1989 and amended in 2010. http://www.in.gov/judiciary/rules/child_support/index.html

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