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Indiana Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Financial institutions often imply that people facing foreclosure do not have options. They are wrong. The decisions you make while dealing with a foreclosure in Indiana will most likely have long-term implications on where you live, your credit score, and whether a judgment is obtained against you. An Indiana foreclosure defense attorney from Camden & Meridew, P.C. can identify creative solutions to your foreclosure problems, so you can move forward in the best manner possible.

Why You Need an Indiana Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Image of a toy house on a calculator, representing the need for an Indiana foreclosure defense attorney when you are at risk of foreclosure.

From a legal standpoint, the judicial process is complex and difficult. Judicial orders are final and often difficult to overturn on appeal. Thus, it may not be wise to represent yourself in an action that could materially affect you and your family.

A foreclosure lawyer from Camden & Meridew can evaluate your best options regarding foreclosure alternatives and help you understand how to stop foreclosure in Indiana in a way that best preserves your assets and dignity.

How to Stop Foreclosure in Indiana: Foreclosure Processes and Laws

Indiana foreclosures are governed by multiple provisions of the Indiana Code. These laws govern the procedures and timelines that lenders must follow in notifying property owners of potential loan default and the risk of foreclosure. In turn, property owners have specific responsibilities and must be aware of the timeframes allotted for the various stages of the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure alternatives are available, and Indiana foreclosures can be avoided even in advanced stages of the process. However, the best way to preserve your assets is by contacting an experienced Indiana attorney and taking action as soon as you are advised by your lender that you are in default on your loan or at risk of foreclosure.  

Foreclosure Alternatives in Indiana

Understanding how to stop foreclosure in the Hoosier State requires knowledge of the tools available paired with a careful analysis of your specific financial and personal situation. Potential foreclosure alternatives to discuss with your attorney include the following options:

  • Settlement conference;
  • Loan modification;
  • Forbearance agreement;
  • Short sale;
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure;
  • Mortgage service made errors;
  • Payment of judgment and fees; and
  • Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13).

Don’t let a lender convince you that your options are limited. With experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel and representation, you can emerge from foreclosure with your dignity and financial security intact.

Contact an Indiana Foreclosure Defense Attorney from Camden & Meridew

If you are at risk of foreclosure in Indiana or the foreclosure process has already begun, you don’t have time to spare. An Indiana foreclosure defense attorney from Camden & Meridew, P.C. will work to understand your unique situation and goals, then we will forge a path forward that serves your best interests. Contact us today by calling 317-770-0000 or completing our online contact form.