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Indiana Litigation and Appeals Lawyers

Image of two people fencing, representing how the Indiana litigation and appeals attorneys at Camden & Meridew will fight for you in resolving your case.

Anyone considering filing a lawsuit, defending against a claim, or desiring to appeal an adverse decision needs experienced counsel. In Indiana, litigants know they can find experienced, reliable counsel for Indiana litigation and appeals at Camden & Meridew, P.C.

Clients with a wide range of litigation and appellate needs turn to us because they know their case matters to us. We apply determination, creative strategies, years of experience, and skill to pursue a favorable result in each client’s case.

What Our Indiana Litigation and Appeals Attorneys Bring to the Table

Finding the right attorney to manage your case can make or break chances for a positive outcome. Whether your legal issue has not yet reached court or it is ripe for appeal, you need experienced counsel who will dig into the facts and the law and fight for your rights. At Camden & Meridew, we handle litigation cases in a wide range of practice areas:

Whether you’re asserting a claim against another person or business or you’re defending against a claim, we provide personal and intensive guidance.

Your Greater Indianapolis Litigation Lawyer

Camden & Meridew is a litigation firm. Our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers who understand litigation strategies and know how Indiana courts function. We work hard to see cases through the client’s eyes and then research the Indiana Code, relevant regulations and rules, and case law to develop legal arguments and strategies that further the client’s goals.

Working various types of cases—as plaintiffs seeking to enforce claims or rights or as defendants preserving what clients have worked for against unfair or unscrupulous claims—we have a thorough understanding of how to mount an effective claim or defense. Whether your case is nearby or elsewhere in the state, an Indianapolis litigation lawyer from Camden & Meridew is ready and able to help.

Resolving Cases Short of Trial

As experienced litigation attorneys, we know the financial and emotional toll a case can put on a client. In our work to offer creative solutions for a positive outcome, we understand that sometimes alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the best or sometimes the only way to resolve a dispute.

Alternative dispute resolution is a category of means to work out a dispute, including mediation and arbitration. Depending on the case, ADR may be requested by one or both parties, ordered by the court, or required by contract. As full-service Indiana litigation and appeals attorneys, we help clients explore ADR options and navigate mandatory ADR either as the sole form of dispute resolution or as part of a broader litigation strategy.

Indiana Appellate Lawyers on the Cutting Edge

The Indiana appeal process allows for review of a trial court decision in a case. Unlike trials, appeals in Indiana review only certain legal questions. The process, dictated by the Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure, is quite different, sometimes not even requiring a hearing. As a result, appeals require assistance from a practiced hand. We offer skilled experience and creative solutions in a variety of appellate scenarios:

  • Interlocutory appeals;
  • Co-counsel and local counsel;
  • Appeals in state and federal courts; and
  • Bankruptcy appeals.

Your Indiana appeal is as important to us as it is to you. When individuals or businesses need Indiana appellate lawyers, Camden & Meridew has the experience to navigate the unique procedures in the Court of Appeals of Indiana and the Indiana Supreme Court, develop creative appellate strategies, and fight for your rights on appeal.

Indiana Litigation and Appeals Attorneys Who Fight for You

We know how important your case is, and we treat it that way. Indiana litigation and appeals are our bread and butter and what we do best. For personal service and to make sure your case gets the attention and skill you deserve, call Camden & Meridew today at 317-770-0000 or complete our online contact form. Camden & Meridew is the answer when you want experience and skill on your side.