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Were My Parental Rights Wrongfully Terminated?

Broadly speaking, a relationship is simply the way two individual people associate with one another. Relationships come in all types and form between all kinds of people. They can be professional, friendly, romantic, or just between family members. The parent-child relationship stands out as one of the most widespread and […]

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Welcome to Sobriety Checkpoint Season

As we head toward springtime we can start getting ready for spring break, concert season (Ruoff Music Center events), graduation parties, and sobriety checkpoints. Wait, what? Checkpoints result in people being detained by law enforcement without any prior suspicion. Sobriety checkpoints are legal, but they have very specific requirements. If […]

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A Recent Case on Establishing and Disestablishing Paternity

The Indiana Court of Appeals recently held that a trial court erred by dismissing a mother’s petition to establish paternity in the “biological father” of her 5-year-old child despite the “legal father” having had established paternity by executing a paternity affidavit. At issue in the case was the applicable interpretation […]

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