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Five Things Most Attorneys Wish Everyone Knew

1) Facts are important.  Favorable facts make it much easier to obtain the desired outcome.  It is equally important that the client communicate all facts to her attorney.  The more organized and detailed manner that a client convey facts to her attorney the more efficiently the attorney can represent the client.  Obviously, it is easier for an attorney to win a case with good facts, but the lawyer must know all of the good and bad facts to properly advocate on behalf of the client.

2) We don’t make the law.  Most days we think we could write the law better than the legislature did.  However, it is our job to help you navigate your legal issues in the quickest and most efficient manner while obtaining the best possible outcome.  If you wish to have the law changed then we can point you to numerous legislatures to direct your wrath but unfortunately we are not able to write the law.

3) 99% of the time we cannot get a hearing the same day.  Court dockets are full and there are often delays to get a hearing date.  Absent an emergency, you are not going to get an hearing in less than 30 days.  An emergency in the eyes of the Court is that someone is going to be severely injured (or worse) and in those situations it is often more prudent to call local law enforcement.  Attorneys are often equally frustrated by inefficiencies in the legal system.  In fact, it is extremely frustrating to busy attorneys to have to get their work done whether or not the hearing before ours runs over by two hours, resulting in our case being heard two hours later than it was scheduled.  However, there is nothing we can do about it.

4) Most civil cases end by both parties being somewhat disappointed.  In settlements, both sides are somewhat disappointed with the outcome because settlements are a compromise.  Settlements are positive because they allow the parties to decide the outcome rather than a Court.  Courts often have less knowledge about the whole situation.  Settlement allows the parties a great deal of flexibility and avoids a judicial outcome where courts are often limited to specific remedies.  When courts do decide cases, they often try to find a middle-ground and give both parties some of what they’re asking for.  It is our job as attorneys to provide you with the best possible outcome and anticipate what that best possible outcome might be given the facts.

5) We have more than one client.  We do care.  We do want to win every case but you must understand that sometimes we are in court on other matters or in meetings with other clients.  We are not available for you all the time because we have one thing to sell, our time.

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