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How Do You Prepare an Indiana Controlled Substance Dealing Defense?

Have you or a loved one been arrested for dealing a controlled substance in Indiana? If so, you understandably want to achieve the best possible outcome for this situation. You have likely already determined that Indiana law is both complicated and tough on controlled substance dealing. However, with the help of Carmel Fishers dealing defense attorney Josiah Swinney, you can walk into court well-informed of the trial process and prepared with the best possible Indiana controlled substance dealing defense.

What Is Indiana Controlled Substance Dealing Defense Law?

Federal and Indiana law classify drugs into schedules depending on how addictive they are and whether or not they have significant medicinal uses. According to Indiana Code §§ 35-48-4-1 to 35-48-4-17, a person can be charged with the following controlled substance dealing offenses, in addition to related charges and enhancements:

Indiana Code § 35-48-4-2 defines controlled substance dealing as knowingly or intentionally manufacturing, distributing, or financing the manufacture or distribution of controlled substances. A person can also be charged with dealing for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture or deliver.

This means a person can be charged with and possibly convicted of controlled substance dealing in a variety of circumstances, including some instances in which the reality of the situation may be more complex.

Why Are You Being Charged with Dealing and Not Possession?

Some people who are charged with controlled substance dealing were not trying to sell the substance but were transporting a larger quantity of it for their personal use. However, Indiana legislators have determined that possessing larger quantities of controlled substances warrants a dealing charge instead of simple possession. Because mere possession without evidence of a sale can be elevated to a dealing charge, having an experienced Indiana dealing in a controlled substance defense lawyer is extremely important.

Possession can also be charged as dealing when police think that you are possessing tools that dealers may utilize. Your plastic bags in the kitchen are likely used to store food like everyone else. But the State can say that this is evidence of dealing. Even measuring your sugar with a culinary scale can come back to bite you when the State wants a dealing conviction. Because of this risk, don’t leave the facts of your situation to the power of the State without first talking to an attorney.

At ​​Camden & Meridew, we know how prosecutors wield state and federal controlled substance laws and how those laws apply to various cases. Our attorneys carefully review the evidence in a case as well as the arresting agency’s records. Our experience helps us use the facts in your case to craft a defense strategy that best suits your case.

Possible Sentences for Indiana Controlled Substance Dealing

In Indiana, a controlled substance dealing arrest can result in Class A or Class B misdemeanor charges or even felony charges. Every offense requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a complicated set of standards before you can be convicted. If convicted, sentences related to large quantities of more addictive substances are longer than charges for dealing smaller quantities of a less addictive substance.

Depending on your charges and any enhancements against you, the potential period of incarceration could be anywhere from less than a year to several decades. If you have a prior criminal record and are convicted of controlled substance dealing, your sentence may be even longer.

Varying sentence lengths is another reason why having a competent attorney, like Carmel Fishers dealing defense attorney Josiah Swinney, on your side is so important. Josiah mounts a defense tailored to your particular case and, in the event of conviction, argues strenuously for a sentence that is fair and accurate based on the law, charges, and any prior convictions you may have.

Trust Us to Manage Your Indiana Controlled Substance Dealing Defense

Every person charged with dealing a controlled substance has a unique story to tell. Indianapolis dealing in a controlled substance attorney Josiah Swinney wants to hear your story and let you explain the circumstances that led to your arrest. He works with you to develop a defense best suited for your case with the goal being to reduce or even drop your charges, reduce your sentencing if you’re convicted, or secure your acquittal.

The time you spend waiting for your trial to begin can be filled with anxiety and fear, especially if you don’t speak to someone knowledgeable about the laws that govern your case. It’s time to build your Indiana controlled substance dealing defense case. Call Camden & Meridew P.C. today at (317) 770-0000 or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation.