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Finding the Right Indiana Dealing in Meth Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been arrested for dealing methamphetamine (meth), you are likely very concerned about what the future holds. Meth dealing charges are very serious in Indiana, and if you are convicted, you can face a long prison sentence and hefty fines. It’s important that you find the right Indiana dealing in meth defense attorney to explain the charges against you and prepare a strong defense.

An Indiana Dealing in Meth Defense Attorney Explains Possible Charges

An important step is speaking to a Camden & Meridew Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer experienced in the defense of controlled substance cases. We will review your charges and the evidence in your case and then explain the challenges and possible strategies for fighting the charges.

You were arrested because law enforcement believes there’s evidence you were dealing methamphetamine. According to Indiana Code § 35-48-4-1.1, it is illegal to purposefully deliver or finance the delivery of any form of methamphetamine. This offense ranges from a Level 2 to a Level 5 felony in Indiana depending on the amount of methamphetamine that was allegedly delivered.

Additional Meth-Related Charges You May Be Facing

At Camden & Meridew, we find some of the clients in need of an Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer are facing multiple or additional meth-related charges that further complicate their cases. These charges can also increase sentence lengths if convicted.

The Indiana Methamphetamine Investigation System lists some related meth offenses:

  • Dumping controlled substance waste, which includes dumping the byproducts of methamphetamine production;
  • Sale and storage of pseudoephedrine, illegal storage or transportation of ammonia, and possession or sale of precursors, all of which are the illegal possession or storage of key ingredients used in methamphetamine production;
  • Neglect of a dependent, which is a charge you may face if a child was present when the alleged dealing occurred; and
  • Failure to report a meth lab.

Additionally, under Indiana Code § 35-48-4-17, the prosecution may seek restitution—which would require you to make a large financial payment to the government—to cover the costs of environmental cleanup related to the dumping of controlled substance waste.

Indiana Methamphetamine Charges: Dealing vs. Possession

Indiana drug laws allow a person to be charged with dealing methamphetamine if they are in possession of more than 28 grams of the drug, regardless of whether they possessed the drug with the intent to sell or for personal use. The possibility of being charged with the more serious offense of dealing methamphetamine underscores the need for defendants in these cases to work with an experienced Indiana defense lawyer for dealing in methamphetamine.

Basic items that a person may have in their home can also be used as evidence of intent to deliver a controlled substance in Indiana. Plastic bags that you use to store food or measuring devices, like a food scale, can be alleged to be tools used in dealing drugs by a prosecutor looking to secure a higher-level conviction. This is another reason it is important to seek help from an experienced defense lawyer for dealing in methamphetamine charges.

An Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer at Camden & Meridew can help you anticipate and defend against the possible evidence and arguments that can be used against you in court. We will evaluate all of the evidence and apply our knowledge of the law to build a strong defense.

How Our Defense Attorneys Help You

When you trust Camden & Meridew to represent you, we get to work right away on ensuring your rights are protected. We represent you at all pre-trial hearings and interview jurors to help select a jury comprised of unbiased peers. And, during your trial, we strive to present a defense tailored to the facts of your case and focused on rebutting the prosecution’s arguments against you.

At Camden & Meridew, our attorneys never stop fighting for you, seeing your case all the way through sentencing, where we fight to make sure you avoid an excessive sentence based on the unique factors of your case.

If convicted, your sentence could be several decades long depending on the level of the conviction. The sentence varies based on the amount of meth that was discovered or delivered. Additional enhancements may make your prison sentence longer, such as whether or not you are deemed a habitual offender under Indiana Code § 35-5-2-8 due to prior felony convictions.

Ultimately, your Indiana defense lawyer for dealing in methamphetamine will fight to make sure that your sentence is calculated properly and that you get credit for any time already served.

Choose Camden & Meridew as Your Indiana Dealing in Meth Defense Attorney

Accusations of dealing methamphetamine can result in incarceration and a criminal record that impacts your life even after your release. You need an Indiana dealing in meth defense attorney who knows how to apply the law related to this offense and how to develop and implement a defense strategy focused on protecting your best interests. To schedule a consultation with Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer Josiah J. Swinney at Camden & Meridew, P.C., call 317-770-0000 or complete this online contact form.