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Welcome to Camden & Meridew, P.C.’s Indiana law blog! Here, our attorneys share extensive knowledge and helpful insights into a broad range of legal matters that impact clients and visitors alike—from individuals and families, small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, independent contractors, nonprofits, and more.

What You’ll Find in Our Indiana Law Blog

Whether it’s a bill under consideration in the Indiana General Assembly, local Indianapolis legal news, or an issue that has impacted Hoosier families and businesses for years, the Fishers, Indiana lawyers at Camden & Meridew have unique and extensive experience that enables us to explain and illuminate a variety of legal issues in a way that is clear and accessible.

While the information found here does not constitute legal advice, we genuinely hope that it enriches public knowledge and helps people make sense of the difficult and complex legal questions and problems they are facing.

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The attorneys at Camden & Meridew practice in a variety of areas. We serve individuals dealing with various legal cases—in family law, consumer matters, and criminal defense, for example. We also provide ongoing counsel and representation for companies of all sizes.

In our Indiana law blog, you’ll find commentary on Indianapolis legal news and Indiana legal matters relevant to our practice areas, which include the following:

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